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Cosmic DistributionMoon Phase
Dark Matter26.5%
Dark Energy68.6%
Age of the universe13.819 ±0.058 billion years
Hubble constant:70.8 ±1.6 km/s/Mpc

Consisting of any lifeform and any and all other things on Earth; and all planets, stars, galaxies, and other matter in the cosmos. Basically anything that has mass and volume.

Dark Matter
Hypothesized form of matter particles that emit little or no detectable radiation and is believed to be part of the missing mass; inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter.

Dark Energy
Inferred from observations of gravitational interactions between astronomical objects and dark matter, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates space producing forces that oppose gravity. It is believed to cause accelerating expansion of the universe.

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Twilight image
Civil Twilight Begin:05:35
Civil Twilight End:20:55
Nautical Twilight Begin:04:58
Nautical Twilight End:21:32
Astronomical Twilight Begin:04:17
Astronomical Twilight End:22:13

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Artwork Credit: NASA, ESA, and A. Feild (STScI)
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All Energy and Matter describe the total content of the Cosmos. For purposes of my investigations and observations, I have acquired use of all contents of the Cosmos online. Such ownership is described online as

The Cosmos is influenced by four natural forces which are, from strongest to weakest; strong nuclear, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and gravity.

Consciousness and Cosmos are inextricably entwined in every respect, and for all purposes.

The Cosmos is all Energy and Matter. Consciousness is anything we are aware of in a given instant, making conscious experience at once, the most familiar and mysterious aspect of our lives.

When Consciousness confronts Cosmos, it becomes a part of Cosmos, and Cosmos becomes a part of Consciousness (wherever used herein, "inextricably entwined" is author's opinion).

William Rohan Kraham

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